Saturday, June 5, 2010

AR and Qualitative Research - The Welcoming of Photovoice

This week I had attended the 22nd Annual Ethnographic & Qualitative Research Conference, which is why my post is a few days late.  The conference has me reflecting on many areas of research and publication such as generalizabilty, limitations, and the intersection of theory and research. I definitely have my wheels turning about future research possibilities.  And while I enjoyed the conference, I could not help but think how different the conversation would be with more action researchers in attendance.  Though Greenwood and Levin (2007) state that AR is not qualitative research – it is clear that the influence is there for both areas. There were people at the conference who are doing AR and are not using that label.  Others had never heard of AR and it was moments of learning.  I presented a poster on photovoice and was happy with the energy and reception of the method.  It is a process that I have truly enjoyed.  Photovoice continually provides moments of learning and knowledge generation.  It is filled with magical moments of connection, transformation, and understanding.  As I wrote in my last post, I used photovoice in my class this quarter.  The students and I spent the last two weeks analyzing the photos…I am anxiously waiting to see who signed consent forms to allow their photos to be used in further analysis and dissemination – and to work with me in that process.  Through the analysis process in class it energized me even more about the process.  I hope to move into first person reflection with photovoice and to incorporate it into my diversity classes, similar to Chio and Fandt’s (2007) usage of it.  Do you have a success stories with photovoice?  Or challenges?  I would love to hear from you…please comment to share your stories…  

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