Saturday, July 3, 2010

ARJ Editor in Chief, Hilary Bradbury Huang, reporting, ahem, finally, for blog duty ...

Is it time?...yes it is!'s time to pop my head up and grant public expression to the awe and gratitude I feel for what the team at the Action Research Center at UCinn have launched with this ARJ Journal blog. When the board members of ARJ first talked about a blog we had no idea what could happen. Some actively pooh-poohed the idea (can you imagine—OK, true confession: I agreed with the concern about “who has the time?” In fact I still haven’t brushed my hair today – gets so messy after a shower. Still and all though – “social media” is something we have to get into…we'll make the time).
Taking action, Mary Brydon Miller gathered students and colleagues and breathed life into this blog! My awe is simply to see human creativity in action - from nothing to something because of human attention. It's an awareness of everyday creative awesomeness (the best kind!) that motivates my "thank you Mary and Team Cinn" (why should Las Vegas be the only one with the risqué reputation. Go team "sin/Cinn"!).
OK, so here is the, ahem, plan to bring more of the ARJ editorial-board voice to the blog. Starting out slowly (right now, actually), yours truly (Editor in Chief, Hilary reporting, finally, for blogduty here) will post a Saturday blog related to the issues that the board members are playing with. This will include our obsession with quality and its many manifestations; our desire to see new special issues come to fruition & presaging the special issues already in the works; reflecting on our own reflexivity as a board who consciously develops as a community of inquiry; o and there are actual journal articles and responses to those. worth get the picture...). Even more slowly but surely the advisory board (all 60 international members who give their name as the foundation to our work) will also become involved. In fact I also have an image of a webpage linked to the blog with all our photos along with short updates from everyone so we each can see what we are all working on in our own action research--in Australia, Bangladesh, India, China, Denmark, Sin/CinnCity, Bristol, Portland ... Our many related blog posts will then naturally connect to the other days postings…so we may even outgrow our Saturday niche.
But today we start here and now. Drum roll please - welcome to the editorial voice of ARJ!

To be continued... next Saturday!

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