Saturday, August 14, 2010

HBH Introducing Ataov Brogger & Hildrum from ARJ Issue 8 (3)

Ataov, from Turkey and Brogger & Hildrum from Norway write about inclusion of immigrants in Norway. Instead of treating immigrants as passive recipients of welfare, immigrants in this action research were engaged as potential collaborators in addressing Norway’s growing shortage of skilled personnel. The work therefore reframes immigrants as a potential benefit to the larger community rather than a drain on resources. The shift is not easy – mobilizing firms to become part of such a dialogue and keeping that dialogue alive is as much an issue here as in most action research efforts. Nonetheless reframing immigrants as a source of future strength signals a willingness to tackle the perceived and real problems associated with immigration in a way that is likely more sustainable over time. Clearly there are lessons here for all in the wealthy North who see escalating strife with regard to immigration at this time of economic downturn worldwide. Read the whole articles:

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