Comments Guidelines

We welcome comments from all!  We use an anonymous comment system so that you do not need to sign in.  It would be great if you could leave a name and affiliation - community, institution - so that a dialogue can happen within the comments section.  Thanks!

Posting a comment

At the end of each blog post, is an opportunity to post a comment.  You can post using various accounts or you can post anonymously.  ARJ blog asks that you please leave your name, so that a conversation can occur and people can respond to you and your comments.  Comments are moderated in the sense that they are placed in a queue and need to be approved by one of the main writers on the blog.  This is to cut down on spam in comments NOT to censor our readings.  Once the comment has been approved (usually within a few hours) it will show under the blog post.

You can use a google account, livejournal, wordpress, typepad, AIM, Open ID, or simply your name and website address.  All of these sign-ins are located in a drop down list under the comments box. You can also choose anonymous and you will not need to be logged in to any place.  Logging in simply puts the identifying information on your comments – nothing else.  

So to comment:

1.      Type your comment in the box labeled, “post a comment” after each blog post.  If you do not see the box, click on the link at the end of the post that says “0 comments”.  This will take you to a comment box. (Depending on how you are viewing the blog it gives you either the box or the link)
2.      Then choose one of the options from the drop-down list titled “Comment As…-Select profile”.

     If you choose to google, you will be taken to a place to sign in, if you aren’t already.  Same for wordpress, livejournal, AIM, etc.
3.      Once you choose which log-in (if any) you want to use and log-in, you will be brought back to the comments and will be asked to do a word verification for spam reduction. Word verification is when you are asked to type in random characters OR specified words to prove you are not an automated machine used for spam.
4.      After word verification hit “post comment” once you do that you should get a highlighted prompt that says, “your comment will be visible after approval.”