Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to the ARJ Community Blog

A quick introduction…my name is Mary Brydon-Miller. I’m a professor of educational studies and urban educational leadership at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA, where I also direct the Action Research Center (www.uc.edu/arc) or join us on Facebook at ARC of UC). I’m an Associate Editor of Action Research (also on Facebook at ARJ Community) and decided to get involved in starting this blog because my students told me that without question this is where they go to get information about new ideas and initiatives. Together with a group of students and colleagues from the ARC who will be introducing themselves here as well, we agreed to lead the development of the ARJ blog and to coordinate contributions. We want to represent the full range of approaches to action research and to provide a forum for action researchers from around the world to engage in a discussion of the theory and practice of action research and the ways in which AR can be more effective in contributing to positive social, economic, and political change. I’m particularly interested in the ethical challenges of doing AR and will be writing each week on this topic. If you have particular questions you’d like to see discussed related to ethics and AR, please post them to the blog and we’ll do our best to respond and to open up the discussion for others to contribute to deepening our understanding of these important questions. I’m looking forward to learning more from my colleagues on the ARJ connectivity team and from all of you who read and contribute to the blog.

Wondering what Action Research is all about? Check out the website of Harmony Garden, one of our community partners here in Cincinnati (www.hgarden.org) whose work on improving girls health and wellness is a fantastic job of AR done right!

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