Friday, June 11, 2010

Graduation - Valerie Louis

Hi All...University of Cincinnati had its doctoral hooding ceremony today and a few of us that are part of the ARJ blog graduated (Deb, Vicki, Dusty, and Valerie).  It was  a wonderful occasion to celebrate Action  Researchers accomplishments.  It is possible to do an action research dissertation and graduate!  Though there are some challenges within the academic world - such as IRB (Brydon-Miller & Greenwood, 2006), rhetorical choices (Fisher & Phelps, 2006), and pushing research into "new" territory.  For many of us Mary Brydon-Miller has been one of the main champions of AR at the University of Cincinnati.  She helped create a support group for doctoral students, has connected many to the community, and has been an all-round cheerleader.  But AR isn't just about our leader - we have all become leaders!  I see my graduation as the beginning of new learning.  As I wrote a few weeks ago about the apprentice - I have begun to see the image as relevant to my beginning as a new PhD.  I see the freedom to learn about action research in new ways, beyond the confines of a degree - to learn as a budding colleague.  As AR students we have been encouraged to take ownership of our own learning and to share our knowledge and process with others.  President Williams spoke of being in service to our communities.  Action research embodies this principle. It felt good to listen to his address and feel that I have already been in service - instead of waiting to begin.  I owe much of this to action research.  So thank you action research community for continuing to be innovative, participatory, and reflective.  I look forward to learning, leading, and being in service!

Brydon-Miller, M., & Greenwood, D. (2006). A re-examination of the relationship between action research and human subjects review processes. Action Research, 4(1), 117-128.

Fisher, K., & Phelps, R. (2006). Recipe or performing art?: Challenging conventions for writing action research theses. Action Research, 4(2), 143-164


  1. Couldn't agree more on all counts!

  2. Agree, agree, agree! Action Research, Mary Brydon-Miller, the ARC at UC, and my dear colleagues and sisters (Valerie, Vicki, and Dusty) in AR have made this journey one of personal and professional growth. I feel armed and ready. What I have learned from my friends and mentors is that first and foremost our responsibility is to build on what we have learned and experienced...continue the journey and in turn mentor and support those following in our footsteps.