Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet Dusty Columbia Embury: Action Research and Education

My name is Dusty Columbia Embury. Here at the ARJ Blog I am an editor for Education and Action Research and I will be working along with my colleagues here to open conversations regarding action research in education. I am a part of the action research community at the University of Cincinnati and I am also a new faculty member at Eastern Kentucky University.
My research has focused on co-teaching in inclusive classrooms from the K-12 setting to the university setting and I have been fortunate that my research area is flexible enough to allow for exploration through qualitative, single subject, and action research methodologies. I have a particular interest in opportunities to use action research in classrooms that include students with diverse abilities as well as diverse backgrounds.
If there's a topic you would be particularly interested in discussing that relates to education and action research, I hope you'll email me at dusty.embury@uc.edu so that we can start a conversation that we can share here on the ARJ blog.
Peace, Dusty

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